Ethical decisions in the ford pinto case essay

Its design was aimed at reducing the time of manufacturing and to reduce material cost and gas consumption. In an effort to increase the trunk space, the design was faulted, when the designers placed the fuel tank behind the rear axle. Engineers believe it would have been safe, if it was placed above the axel.

Ethical decisions in the ford pinto case essay

A premier membership is required to view the full essay. The Ford Pinto was completely engulfed in flames and the accident resulted in the death of the three young girls.

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Today, the debate continues regarding whether or not The Ford Motor Company was responsible for this case and many other cases involving the Pinto bursting into flames resulting in disfigurement or death.

Ford has argued for over three decades that The Ford Motor Company is not at fault, but rather the other motorists who happened to rear end the Pinto drivers.

Ethical decisions in the ford pinto case essay

Many accuse Ford of rushing the Pinto into production without proper testing leaving a faulty fuel system in the car that would rupture with any rear end collision or rollover accident; this resulted in the deaths of over people.

Many also accuse Ford of being fully aware of the faults with the Pinto and selling it to the public anyway.

Ethical decisions in the ford pinto case essay

Letting the people die because of the Pinto and settling with their families was more economical than recalling the vehicle and fixing the shortcomings of the Pinto. The question remains regarding whether or not Ford put a price on human lives, or if the company was not at fault for simply trying to compete with foreign car companies to put an American made fuel efficient vehicle on the road.

Ford was accused of not accounting for benefit and harm in an ethical business decision, zero personal evaluation, and a very high influence of outside factors. Ethical business decisions require consideration of two important factors, benefit and harm.

Did the attorney for Ford Motor, James Neal act with ethical behavior while defending the automobile giant in ? Did Ford Motors and James Neal consider benefit and harm?

With respect to advising the appropriate entities of the Ford Pinto defect, many opportunities existed for a number of employees to come forth with the truth.

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Instead, eight years of continued production went by, and countless lives were lost due to the unethical and reckless behavior of Ford Motors. Investigation conducted by the prosecution discovered that the engineers for Ford had knowledge of the defect during pre-production crash testing.The Hollywood Reporter is your source for breaking news about Hollywood and entertainment, including movies, TV, reviews and industry blogs.

In relations to Ford Pinto, the case study shows that is was about an accident which took place involving a Ford Pinto and a Chevrolet Van which hit the Ford Pinto from behind. Write a paragraph (at least 50 words) explaining the purpose of introducing Ford Pinto to the market by Ford Write a paragraph (at least 50 words) explaining the fuel tank defect Search online and find the cost-benefit analysis that Ford allegedly used to make the decisions regarding fixing the defects.

The main controversy surrounding the Ford Pinto case was The Ford Motor Company's choices made during development to compromise safety for efficiency and profit maximization.

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More specifically, it was Ford's decision to use the cost/benefit analysis detailed in section 11 to make production decisions that translated into lost lives. MU Grade Distribution Application Sunday, November 18, Term.

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