The book of sand by jorge luis borges

And some aesthetic experiences hit us right between the eyes with a knockout punch - these are encounters we will never forget. One such encounter was my reading this collection of stories by Jorge Luis Borges some thirty years ago. The images of the book of sand with its infinite pages, the hermit looking for a one-sided disk, an author's pristine lovemaking with a beautiful woman - for me, all aesth Aesthetic experience is extraordinary in the sense that it is always ours alone, uniquely ours. The images of the book of sand with its infinite pages, the hermit looking for a one-sided disk, an author's pristine lovemaking with a beautiful woman - for me, all aesthetic knockout punches.

The book of sand by jorge luis borges

The Book of Sand Analysis -

Dutton, A Dutton Paperback, Comments by Bob Corbett October This is a collection of 13 short stories, and in much like his volume Labyrinths, most of them are very strange, occult, mysterious, seemingly impossible claims made and so on.

There is a line on one of the stories which seems to me to best capture a central motif I found in the collection. The narrator of a story about a translation of an ancient text says of his work: There are ambiguities, absurdities, puzzles.

The reader has to work with him, almost as if one were reading a book of word games. I was gripped by this volume, often very puzzled as to what was being offered or what it meant, but yet I almost always had a sense that the story was telling me something worth having.

If only I could get to those disguised gems. Brief comments on the stories. It is about A young man comes to sit on the same bench and they begin to talk. They are both Jorge Luis Borges. The older professor is the narrator and they talk about how this can be. The young Borges claims to be on a bench in Geneva.

The older Borges remembers that in he, as a then very young Borges, had the same experience with a then older Borges. I was taken by the claim the older Borges utters: Alas, I wish it had been so, but it seems to have been false, now leaving us in this current international mess we are in.

He is Columbian and quite old, yet they have a short romantic encounter and a mysterious night of sex. It was written in and tells of an eccentric very rich man in Uruguay, but just across the border from Buenos Aires. He forms a select group that will investigate virtually all matters of science, politics, literature and nearly the entire corpus of world learning.

Little by little they meet and talk, and enlarge the circle to include people from the whole world, and in time they begin to build a library to support their research and search for knowledge. Eventually the founder and funder decides that they are really just trying to recreate what people in the world do everyday, and thus their work is necessarily repetitive and limited.

He closes the project. One line of Borges grabbed me very much. The narrator is years old and a teacher of English. He reveals of his writing style is telling this story: On the other hand, at times I enjoy my digressions more than I do my primary ideas and intents.

I think I have that right.

The book of sand by jorge luis borges

However, I did love one passage of the story in which the narrator says of his uncle: However, like his uncle, I was not much interested in WHO held what in philosophy, rather, I wanted to introduce my students to the process and questions of the pursuit of philosophical ideas.

It made me happy to find someone with such a seemingly kindred notion to my own. They take the beatitudes very literally and yet with some hilarious logical outcomes, and weave a sort of Christian-related cult.

The Book of Sand

The only two figures who matter are Jesus and Judas, each holding equal positive weight. The narrator is calling for the end of the cult.

A grandson, seemingly in his 40s by this time, interrupts and tells his own story. It is set on April 13, The narrator is taken to a small town of Lobos Auguestina. He is taken into town by a brash cowhand a good deal older than he.Jan 01,  · This is one of Borges' last books, and many of the pieces here are less than his best.

"The Congress," however, is a tale of the microcosm as powerful and effective as "The Aleph," and "The Book of Sand" is also one of Borge's finest stories/5. Jorge Luis Borges is a famous Spanish author, known best for his short stories.

In this paper, I will discuss several short stories written by Mr. Borges, what influenced him in his writings, and a brief history of his place of origin, Argentina. The Book of Sand (translated from the Spanish) by Jorge Luis Borges thy rope of sands George Herbert ()1 Lines consist of an infinite number of points;.

Nov 14,  · Jorge Luis Borges, who will turn eighty next year, has been writing and publishing for fifty-six years of his life. Because of the widely held belief of many readers in the United States that.

The Book of Sand borges book of sand. From The Community. Amazon Try Prime All Jorge Luis Borges - The Book Of Sand by Norman Thomas Di Giovanni - Currently unavailable. 5 out of 5 stars 1. The Book of Sand and Doctor Brodie's Report (two volumes) Jun 06,  · The Book of Sand Jorge Luis Borges, Thy rope of sands - George Herbert The line is made up of an infinite number of points; the plane of an infinite number of lines; the volume of an infinite number of planes; the hypervolume of an infinite number of volumes

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